PEPS R&D Manager 深圳市某汽车集团
- Responsible for the R&D activities of the Product line
- To assure VICC product development according to Customer specifications.
- To set up the R&D department of the product line according to the targeted staffing and competencies.
- To install in the product line the R&D Guides Lines and standards and assure their application in the developments.
- To apply the VIC methodology in the R&D activities.
- To install the new laboratory of the Division according to the targeted spec and assure its staff is trained accordingly
- To coach the R&D members (functionally reporting to him) of the pro
To define and install necessary resources to assure the R&D activity of the Division.
- To manage the common developments for P1 projects, mainly through the application of VIC standards.
- To set up and manage the Resources of his department.
- To support the deployment of DEP in the Division.
- To inform the Division staff on the P2 developments and PDT.
- To take part in the working sessions whenever necessary and assure the decisions from a technical point of view.