HIL Engineer 上海福迈迪工程技术有限公司
Major Responsibilities:
1.	Develop innovative verification methods for new electrical/electronic (E/E) functions;
2.	Work with EE function owners to create test plans for Vehicle EE Systems & Functions;
3.	Lead implementation of test plans on Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) system to validate Vehicle Software and EE Functions;
4.	Project management of HIL virtual vehicle build, commissioning and updates;
5.	Develop interfaces to HIL hardware and Vehicle Network (ex: CAN bus);
6.	Design and implement test scripts and test automation for HIL;
7.	Create User Interfaces (UI) for HIL users;
8.	Adapt Mat
Qualification Requirements:
1.	Bachelor Degree or above in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer Engineering, Automotive Engineering, or related major;
2.	Minimum 2 years Engineering experience in automotive EE Systems (in area of test automation)
3.	Knowledge of Vehicle Network Technology, such as CAN;
4.	Hands-on experience with Network Analysis Tools, such as CANalyzer, or similar;
5.	Experience creating and executing test plans, and generating test reports is preferred;
6.	Programming knowledge with Python or similar programming language;
7.	Hands-on experience with simulation too